Spring Break 2014 in Florida

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Andrea and the boys took off to Florida over Spring Break this year. They spent the first part of the week with Ben’s aunt and uncle in Fort Pierce and had a fabulous time playing on the beach, in the hot tub, in the pool…. It was hard to leave! The second part of the week was spent with Bill and Margaret Marquis who live a little further north. They played with lizards, watched movies, and spent a day at Disney World with Margaret (and Andrea’s!) friend, Susanna. Susanna’s extremely patient husband watched 5 10-13 year-olds while Andrea taught two essential oils classes.

It took Andrea a few days to recover from her vacation. 😉

Trip to Pacific Northwest April 2013

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We recently returned from a five-day trip to the Pacific Nortwest. We were in Washington State to see my sister’s wedding. Below are some of our pictures from the rehearsal, wedding and reception, plus a few from outings to parks in the days following the wedding.

Favorite Pictures – 2012

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It is hard to believe, but 2012 is almost over. While we won’t admit to just how many pictures we took this year, we did have fun looking through them and choosing our favorites that we thought you would also enjoy. Below is a selection that  includes a few taken by Tim Peters (another soccer parent who took great pictures of Grayson at soccer practice). Hope you enjoy these as much as we do!

Soccer 2012

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What a budding soccer player we have at our house! Grayson has improved so much since he began playing. At first, I could take a chair and a book and relax while he skipped around on the field. Not anymore! Now, we take a chair but I cannot stand to sit down. Me, the one who never was interested in sports, is on her feet the whole time. I got so excited a few games ago that I was jumping while holding my hot tea and spilled it all over myself. Grayson has turned into quite an exciting player. He will stick with that ball like glue. Come and try to get it away. It is so fun watching him! On the last game of the fall season, I took the camera and took about 90 pictures. Come on over and we’ll have a slide show. :)



The Spider Who Grew Ten Feet Tall

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Grayson came  home with a story he had written in October. He has written short sentences or paragraphs before, but this was the first full story. If you click on the image below, you can see it in a fuller size. Here is a translation if you need it:

(Skip this and try reading it first, if you like)


The spider who grew ten feet tall

On a dark and gloomy night five scientists were thinking about a great spider. The spider had been there for centuries. It had laser eyes. The whole town was destroyed. The scientists had been making a lazer. To destroy the spider. The spider lived in the old castle. Five months later the laser was finished. They got it ready they aimed it they shot the laser. At the old castle. The castle exploded. The spider was dead they cheered!! After that the people grew again. I was one of the scientists.



Soccer Boy

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Grayson just finished his third season of soccer and LOVED it. He is already missing playing with his team. We have been fortunate enough to have a wonderful coach who teaches the game, but also makes it fun and seems to really care about the boys. We have stuck with this coach since the beginning. This season, the dad of a new player on the team brought along his very fabulous camera and took many pictures of all the boys during both practices and games. At the last practice he gave everyone a disk of the best images. Wow! He really did a great job. We have taken soccer pictures in the past, but it is hard to zoom in. Plus, this year, our camera had a bit of an accident. Anyway, I love these pictures and wanted to share some of Grayson. If you click on them, you can see a larger version.  Enjoy these and we’ll see you at spring soccer practice. :)

Biking in the Fall

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Over the weekend, we loaded up all the bikes and headed up toward Galax, VA, to find the New River Trail State Park http://www.dcr.virginia.gov/state_parks/new.shtml. It is the most beautiful place we have found to go on a day trip to bike. It takes about one and a half hours to get to from Winston Salem. It used to be a rail road line, so it is almost completely flat and has little water falls, big trellises and dark tunnels. Fun for us and for the boys. This latest time, we were able to bike five miles out and back, taking along plenty of grapes and apple chips to put into any little mouths that thought about whining. 😉 Since it is so flat, even 10 miles is doable for all of us, although we were ready to get back in the car by the end of the journey.

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